Setting the Standard in Education

The Lighter Side

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm

I thought today I might just give some links to things that seemed a bit amusing to me this week in education news. No thick reading in this one:

Now this first one may not be funny to some people, but perhaps it’s mostly just strange. A teacher in Australia is suing her school district for $420,009 because she’s claiming she suffered permanent disability by damaging her larynx. Why? She was yelling too much. It’s the districts fault, obiously. Maybe the $9 is for ice cream.

GWU’s president was getting tired of being called “stuffy.” So he decided to relax a bit. He hired a student to tell him which parties to go to and has done everything from drum with the basketball team to judging a pie-eating contest.

So perhaps this one’s not funny, but I just liked the name of the post: Not a Magic President.

Apparently Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute is actually a soccer player.



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